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In partnership with Onesixth expeditions, we offer this Amazing Experience in Patagonia designed to immerse you in a world apart and to provoke emotions and thoughts probably only reserved to those who took the first steps to explore and guard these lands, culture, and its natural wonders.

the pioneers route in patagonia
Nov 12 '22 - Mar 4'23 - Nov 11 '23  (14 Days Expedition - 8 places)

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Highest Andes, you will discover corners of Patagonia that only our adventurers can access.


The expedition introduces us into a story, as observers of the passing through of explorers and naturalists, and as witnesses of the legacy the first settlers have left behind. It allows us to connect with their descendants, who share their life history and the stories about how their families ended up settling in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. These people will open up their homes to us to share their daily life and work, and show us the most mesmerizing scenery and wonders of nature.

"From the passage of Fernando de Magallanes and Charles Darwin, to the pioneer families that made Patagonia their home until this day"


Be a part of it!

Expedition Itinerary

The Port of Buenos Aires was (and still is today) the gateway to Argentina. It has been for the first explorers who moored their ships at La Plata River, and it is now for everyone who visits Argentina.


This expedition is about following the steps of the pioneers who first visited these lands; footprints of hunter-gatherer people, Magellan's route, the explorations of Charles Darwin and Commander Fitz Roy, and the more adventurous ones such as George Musters, Florence Dixie and Andreas Madsen, the arrival of Bridges and European families in search of southern lands. 


To begin, we will follow the footsteps of the expert Francisco Pascasio Moreno, whose work in the Limits Commission of the 18th century was decisive for the sovereignty of the Argentine territory. His footsteps are all around La Plata City, in the Province of Buenos Aires. In 1884, Moreno presented the project for the construction of the Natural Science Museum of La Plata. Our expedition will privately visit the non-public rooms of the Museum, led by one of the authorities of the Museum, being able to see his office, the place where perhaps the greatest decisions about the borders of our country were made.


At Buenos Aires, we will visit the neighborhood of La Boca, San Telmo and the Plaza de Mayo in the foundational centre and discover the different historical places such as the old Casa del Perito Moreno, the Geographical Society, the first English buildings, the first local bookstore, churches and cafes. Enjoy a show of Tango, and maybe try a few steps!


We will sail to Penguin Island to meet innumerable and fascinating fauna like the Magellanic and Rockhopper penguins, Dolphins, Toninas and Sea Lions.


We will submerge in a rocky crevice in the middle of the most remote Patagonian steppe, where the sea enters inland more than 40 km through the estuary of Deseado River. Canyons, viewpoints over 60 meters high, caves with cave paintings and rock formations that will awaken our imagination are part of the landscape along with the local fauna. 

This journey, full of birds and marine mammals, was undoubtedly what inspired him to create the theories of evolution. Gray Cormorant, Rock Cormorant, Magellanic Penguin, Fur Seals accompany us through our journey.


Visit a typical Patagonian cattle ranch where we will learn about the wool process and sheep production and enjoy a delicious Patagonian Asado surrounded by a unique memorable landscape. And our return, visit Las Animas Canyon and go through magical caves, mallines, and springs, surrounded by fauna, all to ourselves, in the immense Patagonian Steppe, which will invite us to think about the perfect balance of nature without the intervention of man.


Puerto San Julian, a small and picturesque place that has an exact replica of the Nao Victoria ship, one of the 5 ships used by Magellan to arrive at these shores in 1520.

At Puerto Santa Cruz, we'll meet a Pioneer who was born in Falkland Island and is great-great-grandson of the first white woman to set foot in Tierra del Fuego; we will be fascinated with fabulous stories and all the family documents that he kept over the years as testimonies of a history that is truly a treasure.


Punta Quillas, where in 1834 the keel of the Beagle Ship was repaired under the command of Fitz Roy.


We will continue our adventure of crossing Patagonia from East to West until we reach the Andes Mountains and the town of El Chaltén, one of the most enchanting towns in Patagonia, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and turquoise lakes. And of course, full of stories  from the granddaughter of one of the pioneers of the area. She will welcome us in El Chaltén and tell us everything about her family, that came from Norway at the end of the 18th century. We will stay at her B&B, which is located on the property of her Ranch.


At El Chaltén, we will begin the trek to the foot of Fitz Roy Mountain. Pioincenot, Ferrari, Maestri, are a few of many adventurers who tried to climb this challenging mountain, and after lunch, we will go on a horseback ride specially designed for our group to enjoy different landscapes and discover new places, and then visit the former house of Andreas Madsen where we will have a candlelight dinner while the guides of the place tell us the exciting history of this family.

Halfway through, we will enter Estancia El Rincón where Western Point is located - where Fitz Roy and Darwin arrived on their expedition in the 18th century. After visiting the area, our specialist guides will be waiting for us on the banks of the Santa Cruz River to begin our Kayak journey. We will navigate the river just as the first explorers did, except they did it in boats and on foot, we will do it in Kayaks.


We will navigate through Lake Argentino in a private boat until we reach the Perito Moreno Glacier. We will disembark at Playa de las Monedas, an exclusive beach for our expedition; being the only ones there, we will enjoy nature, the sound of the wind and the colors of the glacier. After a short walk, we will reach an outstanding viewpoint of the Glacier where we will have the chance to contemplate its grandeur.


And much more...

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Expeditions generally shunned away from traditional luxury, this has happened with the first adventurers who explored these lands. This is not the exception. All the chosen accommodations comply with the services so that our passengers have a good rest that allows them to enjoy the next day; none is considered luxurious. however they are key to delving into the places we will visit.

Casa Lepage - Buenos Aires 4 stars Hotel

Small boutique hotel, located in one of the historical neighborhoods of the city. Pascasio Moreno and Ameghino passed through the streets of San Telmo years ago and even Darwin walked its streets. We've chosen this hotel for those reasons, but also because the hotel has a unique small museum with a very interesting collection. During its construction, traces of the ancient inhabitants of the place were found by its owners, and saved them as a treasure and part of the history of the place.


Grand Bizo - La Plata 4 stars Hotel

One of the most modern hotels in this city. Right in front of the foundational axis of this interesting city, a couple of steps away from the Argentine Theater and a few meters from the Plaza Moreno, the Municipal Palace and the imposing Cathedral, an icon of the city. The terrace is a must of this property: a good glass of wine with views to the foundational square is not to be missed!

Los Acantilados - Puerto Deseado - Hostería

One of the oldest and most special accommodations in the area, It is the historical inn of the town, maintaining the simplicity and the atmosphere of the first hotel establishments in Patagonia with one of the best views to the sea and river.


Campamento Darwin - Eco Lodge

Located in Estancia Cerro El Paso, nestled in an extraordinary place where experiential luxury stands out. It keeps the simplicity of a remote patagonian place but also treasures amazing stories. Without a doubt one of the pearls of the trip. The ambiance, the house, the hosts, everything is in harmony... 


Che Cauquen - Puerto Santa Cruz - Hosteria

A simple yet nice 3* hotel with spacious and modern rooms. With spectacular views to the mountains, and a very friendly atmosphere, it's the best option in town.


La Quinta Estancia - El Chaltén - Hostería

At the foot of Fitz Roy Mount and at the heart of the Los Glaciares National Park, it is one of the oldests ranches in the area - founded a hundred years ago. Definitely, the best option for our expeditionaries where traditional luxury is replaced by experiential luxury, where we will be hosted by its owners and learn about their family stories.


Nibepo Aike - El Calafate - Estancia

Situated at the foot of the Andes Mountains, this estancia was founded over a 100 years ago by a croatian pioneer, and it is still run by family, keeping the style and spirit of patagonic ranches... a genuine place, without great luxuries, unique.

Our experiences with Onesixth expeditions are designed in the most sustainable way to ensure that what is experienced by you will be there for future generations to enjoy as well as to create a positive impact for the local communities, the wildlife and the planet. Onesixth expeditions is a partner of 1% for the Planet and Seamos Bosques.