From the Atlantic Ocean to the Highest Andes, you will discover corners of Patagonia that only our adventurers can access.


The expedition introduces us into a story, as observers of the passing through of explorers and naturalists, and as witnesses of the legacy the first settlers have left behind. It allows us to connect with their descendants, who share their life history and the stories about how their families ended up settling in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth. These people will open up their homes to us to share their daily life and work, and show us the most mesmerizing scenery and wonders of nature.


AE Patagonia

In partnership with Onesixth expeditions, we offer this Amazing Experience in Patagonia designed to immerse you in a world apart and to provoke emotions and thoughts probably only reserved to those who took the first steps to explore and guard these lands, culture, and its natural wonders.

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We will follow the footsteps of Francisco Pascasio Moreno, with a private visit to the non-public rooms of the Natural Science Museum of La Plata.


We'll visit La Boca, San TelmoPlaza de Mayo and historical places like the old Casa del Perito Moreno, the Geographical Society, the first English buildings, the first local bookstore, churches and cafes. Enjoy a show of Tango, and maybe try a few steps!


We will sail to Penguin Island to meet innumerable and fascinating fauna like the Magellanic and Rockhopper Penguins, Dolphins, Toninas and Sea Lions.


We will submerge in a rocky crevice where the sea enters inland through the estuary of Deseado River. Viewpoints over 60 meters high, cave paintings and rock formations will awaken our imagination. 


We will learn about the wool process and sheep production and enjoy a delicious Patagonian Asado at a typical Cattle Ranch surrounded by a memorable landscape.


At Las Animas Canyon we'll go through magical caves, mallines, springs, and fauna in the immense Patagonian Steppe.


We'll reach the astonishing Andes Mountains and El Chaltén, surrounded by turquoise lakes, then, trek to the foot of Fitz Roy Mountain, and after lunch, enjoy a horseback ride to discover new places.

Oct 23 '22 - Oct 21'23  (13 Days Expedition - 10 places)
Expedition summary

Our experiences with Onesixth expeditions are designed in the most sustainable way to ensure that what is experienced by you will be there for future generations to enjoy as well as to create a positive impact for the local communities, the wildlife and the planet. Onesixth expeditions is a partner of 1% for the Planet and Seamos Bosques.

We will enter Estancia El Rincón - where Fitz Roy and Darwin arrived in the 18th century, and then, reach the banks of the Santa Cruz River to begin an amazing Kayak journey, navigating the same river that our first explorers did.


We will navigate through Lake Argentino in a private boat until we reach the Perito Moreno Glacier, disembarking at Playa de las Monedas, an exclusive beach for our expedition, where we will enjoy nature, the sound of the wind and the colors and grandeur of the glacier. 


All this, and much more...

This expedition is about following the steps of the pioneers who first visited these lands; footprints of hunter-gatherer people, Magellan's route, the explorations of Charles Darwin and Commander Fitz Roy, and the more adventurous ones such as George Musters, Florence Dixie and Andreas Madsen, the arrival of Bridges and European families in search of southern lands. 

Nov 12 '22 - Mar 4'23 - Nov 11 '23  (14 Days Expedition - 8 places)

Wildlife from Puerto Pirámides to Camarones

The fragility of nature makes us rethink the way we relate to it. This experience will make us discover inhospitable places where the protagonists will be the Penguins, Whales, Elephant Seals, Sea Lions, Birds…


A two thousand km road in Patagonia connects hundreds of farms, towns and cities. It is called the Blue Route, a scenic road that takes you to the largest Natural Museum on Earth…


Fossils and petrified marine organisms are proof of the past, while many species of mammals and birds show us the present. Both, are proof of only a very small portion of this region's underworld that mankind has still to discover.

Expedition summary

Our expedition leaders, born and raised in Patagonia, are three of the most recognized scientists in the world who have dedicated their lives to protecting this superb land and sea wildlife.

We'll visit Recoleta, the Botanical GardenSan Telmo, Plaza de Mayo, and La Boca, and enjoy the cultural side of the vibrant city of Buenos Aires.


Go through the mesmerizing Patagonian Steppe to Punta Ninfas, one of the extreme sides that form the mouth of the Nuevo Gulf, part of the UNESCO biosphere reserve.


We'll visit a Penguin Colony, along with our renowned scientist, a protagonist in the creation and conservation of the El Pedral Magellanic Penguin Reserve; we'll reach their nesting area, help clean the beaches and enjoy an amazing dinner.


At Dos Pozos area, will spend one day with Elephant Seals, led by one of our expert a scientists. And at night, we will be amazed glazing at the immense Patagonian skyline, with the company of our expert astronomer.


Our first approach to Whales at Puerto Piramides will be very special, it will be led by an incredible specialist and it will be during sunset.


At Playa Larralde, will be welcomed by a family pioneer in artisanal fishing, join them in their boat, learn about this long family tradition, and then enjoy a feast with an undisrupted view of the Patagonian sea.


At the San Jose Gulf, kayaking and trekking will be the highlight of the day; if the whales allow it, we'll maybe row near them and watch them very closely. 

The Pioneers Route in Patagonia 

We will navigate to Bahía Arredondo, crossing the waters of these lesser explored coastal regions, passing by islets, islands and coves, that will leave us breathless. 


All these, and much more...