Whether you are a student, an entrepeneur, small or large business, our Innovation Workshops will not only transform the way you think but also will help you prepare for your next project and make it happen!

Join one of our workshops* in Mexico City, Bogotá and Miami, or contact us to create a private one for your school, company or organization, and get inspired to think outside your expert brain to create amazing things.

You will be part of an Adventurous 10X Thinking training, designed and presented by Sally Dominguez, an expert in innovation strategy and exponential 10X mindset.



Her Adventurous Thinking strategy has been succesfully applied to education curriculums, product design, business and marketing strategies in the USA, Australia and China. Today, it also runs as a workshop at Stanford University.

This modern innovation strategy along with these unique amazing experiences will give you the tools and mindset to embrace and profit from uncertainty and rapid change.

During our Innovation Workshops you will also participate in other memorable multisensorial experiences that will help you enhance your creativity and take your mind into a state of possibilities and moonshot potential.

You can also schedule a virtual or live private workshop to help your business and your customers thrive with Adventurous Thinking.

An inventor, arquitect, journalist and educator with 7 international product awards, she has been named one of Australia's "50 for the Future" entrepreneurs in the US.

A modern update to Design Thinking augmented with Disruptive thinking, Life Cycle analysis and lean tools, Adventurous Thinking consists of five lenses, which are used to alternately converge and proliferate thinking, enabling users to think outside their default "expert" neural pathways. and re-ignite the curious mindset that is the key to consistent innovation.

She has judged and hosted TV invention shows, The New Inventors and Australia's Greatest Inventions, the Car of the Year and co-hosts The Next Billion Cars podcast. Her Nest Highchair is held in the Powerhouse Museum and her HOG Water Tank in the NY Museum.

Sally's spearheaded futurist research for Singularity centered on 2030 key trends and developments in 10X technologies, and the expected human responses to them. Her research focuses on new developments in sustainability, trust, resilience, leadership, and education.

2020 Season

2020 Season


**Dates for our "live" Innovation Workshops are to be confirmed, in the meantime you can join and watch one of our free virtual events.

"Examining the COVID-19 DIgital Shift with Adventurous Thinking for New Opportunities"

We can also help you structure your Covid-19 Strategy and leverage your human capital for consistent innovation

Premiere: "EPIC Resilience: Thriving in Chaos" - Mar 30'21