AE Mexico


Live an Amazing Experience in two Jewels of Mexico, Guadalajara and Tequila, Jalisco.

In partnership with Real Life Adventures. we have designed this two day experience that will not only take you through an amazing gastronomic encounter, extraordinary street art and murals from some of Mexico's most important artists, but also, that will transform you from a casual Tequila drinker into a "Tequila aficionado".


Drive along the UNESCO World Heritage listed agave fields and discover a unique side of the fascinating town of Tequila. where you will learn and enjoy the commercial and artisanal methods of the Tequila production.

We will visit a distillery that offers a unique combination of ancient tradition and modern technology. where a "jimador" will show you how the plant's outer layers are cut to reveal the heart of the agave! Then, we will visit the historic 1870 distillery and enjoy a tantalizing tequila tasting. And to finalize, we will visit an artisanal distillery, where surprises can include underground tastings, delicious grasshoppers or encounters with producers. 


You will live a vibrant, fun and delicious gastronomic experience in Santa Tere, one of the most interesting neighborhoods in Guadalajara. Colorful sights, mouth-watering smells, ancient flavors and innovative dishes await for you in its markets, restaurants and street stalls.


Taste carefully selected samples of Mexican food and drinks, some of which locals have been eating for generations. Your host, will tell you the stories behind each bite to help you appreciate the flavors from a completely different perspective.

We will visit the main attractions and the hidden treasures of the city center, including a traditional market, where you will learn about the culture and history of Guadalajara. Walking through its avenues and alleys, we'll see some of Jose Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros' murals as well as incredible works of art by renowned national and international street artists.

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